Charge a Credit Card Using the Card Reader

STEP 1:  Enter the payment information

  1. Enter the amount you'd like to charge into Payment Amount.
  2. Choose a Payment Frequency from the button options. (Note: Due to EMV security standards, you can't use the card reader to set up recurring payments. If you choose monthly, quarterly, or annually as the frequency you will have to enter the card manually.)
  3. Choose a Payment Profile from the dropdown under Select Payment Profile. Payment Profiles are pre-set profiles that indicate the sales tax, payment title and description, and custom receipt message for the transaction. (See Payment Profiles for more information)  (Note: You can customize a payment profile on-the-fly at the time of a single transaction without saving the changes to the profile.)

STEP 2:  Charge the payment

Tap the green CHARGE button to proceed to the Supporter Information screen.

STEP 3: Payment Options - Select CREDIT - CARD READER 

Tap the CARD - USE READER button under Payment Type to proceed.  

STEP 4:  Make sure your card reader is connected

Double check to confirm that the black banner at the top of your screen reads "Card Reader Connected".

STEP 5:  Swipe the card

Swipe the card across using its magnetic strip in either direction. (To enter a card number manually, tap Enter Manually)

STEP 7: Card Validation 

Your screen will read “Validating Card” while the card is being validated. (Note: During this step, the card number is validated, but the transaction is NOT charged.)

STEP 8:  Signature Page

1. Once the card is validated, you are taken to the Signature Page. The Signature Page displays the total amount to be charged, including the processing fee and any sales taxes you are collecting.

2. Hand the device to your supporter to sign the page using the touchpad interface, and turn the phone into horizontal mode. Here, your supporter can choose whether or not to cover the processing fee for the transaction. (See here to learn more about mobile app processing fees.)

3. After signing, tap the Finish & Pay button. (This is when the card is charged). You're then directed to the Information Collection page. 

STEP 3: Collect Supporter Information

If your supporter would like a receipt for their records, enter their contact information then tap the Send Receipt button. Select SKIP to finish transaction without collecting information. If no information is entered, the email, first name and last name will be blank (there will be no way to retrieve this information from the Flipcause Dashboard). 

The Skip optional will only be present if Information Collection Setting is set to Optional in the Payment Profile.

 STEP 9:  Confirmation Page

All done! If you entered contact information for the transaction, you will see confirmation that a receipt was sent to the supporter via email.

If you entered Contact Information in STEP 3, the confirmation message will contain your supporter's email address:

If you did not enter Contact Information in STEP 3, you will only see a confirmation message:

Tap the BACK TO HOMEPAGE button or the X located in the right-hand corner. This action will take you back to the Home page where you can begin a new transaction or check-in process.