Introduction: What is Flipcause LIVE & What Can It Do?

The Flipcause LIVE Mobile App was created specifically for your events to help you carry out basic functions at your event, like taking donations (payments) and checking in your event participants & volunteers. 

If you used Flipcause to sign up event participants or volunteers, you no longer have to print a list of attendees from your Flipcause reports - just pull up the registration or volunteer campaign on your LIVE app and view the list of confirmed (non-canceled) attendees for easy check-in.

Process and record your donations (and payments) at the event directly into your Flipcause account and send an automated tax-receipt. No more paper remittances or data-entry post-event! 

With Flipcause LIVE, you now have a clean, mobile solution to tackling these parts of your events - and all actions taken in the app reflect automatically in your Flipcause reporting!

Accepting Donations (Payments)

  • Process credit card donations and payments securely:
    1. By entering the credit card manually
    2. By using the Flipcause Card Reader (insert EMV chip, or swipe)
  • Enter cash donations and payments (just like a cash register, the app will calculate change that needs to be tendered, if any)

  • Enter check donations and payments, including check numbers 

  • Enter cash and check payments while offline

  • Customize tax-deductible settings, add sales tax, and apply donations to a specific campaign using Payment Profiles

  • For each transaction, you have the option to email the supporter a tax-deductible receipt and customized thank you letter with all of the relevant details

    Please note: payments processed are recorded as “donation” activity in your Flipcause activity and reporting.

Checking in Attendees

  • Quickly access your confirmed attending volunteer & participant lists  

  • Check in volunteers & participants from these lists with a single click, and check out if needed

  • Check-in and -out times will be automatically timestamped logged and into your Flipcause activity and reports

    Coming soon! In a future Flipcause update, you’ll be able to convert these timestamped check-ins and -outs into tracked volunteer hours.

Important: What It Can’t Do

The Flipcause LIVE mobile app is not a point-of-sale system. This means:

  • Unlike Square and PayPal card reader/app solutions, you won’t be able to set up items/products within the app.

  • You can have donations/payments be linked to an existing campaign, but not to any items, levels, or groups set up within that campaign. They will come through as general donation/payment activity.

    • This means it’s not linked to Universal Checkout (the Shopping Cart feature)
    • You can still use the Notes field for each transaction to record what the payment is for.