Flipcause LIVE: Lists - How to Download, Sync, & Remove

When using the LIVE mobile app to check in volunteers and attendees, you will need to download and sync lists. 

Download List 

To download a list: 

  • Go into Volunteer Check-In or Registration Check-In.
  • Click Download a List and choose the campaign and tap Download This Campaign

  • Once you have downloaded a list you will be able to access them by clicking View my Lists(s) for future use.

Sync Lists

If multiple users are using the app, you will want to sync your lists in order to make sure everyone has the most check-in statuses. To sync your lists: 

  • Click View my List(s) and find the list you would like to sync. Swipe the list to the left and click Sync.
  • The Sync option is also available when inside of a list. Click into the list you are working with and click the Sync symbol in the upper right-hand corner.
  • We recommend syncing your lists after each check-in.  

Remove Lists 

If you would like to remove a list from your downloaded lists area: 

  • Go to View my List(s). 
  • Find the list you would like to delete and swipe left. Click Remove
  • An overlay will display to confirm you would like to remove the list. Click Remove List and your list will no longer appear in your downloaded lists. 
  • Activity (check-ins and check-outs) logged in your lists will record in your Flipcause records and will not be deleted when you remove the list.
  • Lists can always be re-downloaded and the existing activity will stay recorded on the list.