Mobile App Processing Fees

There are two kinds of processing fees that apply when using the Flipcause LIVE Mobile App:

For transactions using the Flipcause Mobile Card Reader (either using the magnetic stripe or the EMV chip) - the processing fee is 4.9% + 30 cents per transaction. These are the same as web payments. Just like web payments, they are included in your Guaranteed Effective Rate.

For credit card transactions processed using manual entry (not the card reader) in the Flipcause LIVE app - the processing fee is a flat 3.5%. These are the same as Manual Payments. Just like entering manual payments in your Flipcause Dashboard using the Add a Payment section, these are not included in the Guaranteed Effective Rate.

Processing fees for the mobile app are the same as processing fees on your Flipcause account. You can see the full breakdown in your Account Settings > Payment Settings > Subscription Settings in your Flipcause Dashboard

You can learn more about the Flipcause Processing Fees & Guaranteed Effective Rate.

You can also review full standard pricing on our Pricing Page.