Flipcause LIVE: Check-In Event Attendees (Registrations)

You can access Registration Check-In from the side menu, or using the button on the Home Page.

STEP 1:  Download a List 

Click Download a List and find the campaign for which you'd like to check in participants and tap Download This Campaign


If you have already downloaded your Lists, click "View my List(s)" and click on your desired list. 

STEP 2:  Find participant

Look up your participant by name using the search bar or sort and filter your lists and browse your registrants below.

STEP 3:  Checking In

Once you have found the Participant’s name, tap “Check-In”. Your participant is now checked in! The app will automatically add the date and time timestamp to this check-in, which will be logged in your database and available in reporting from the Flipcause Dashboard.


STEP 4:  Checking Out & Undo

Similar to checking in, tap the Check Out button under the participant you'd like to check out. This will add a date and time timestamp to the check-out and log it to your database and make this data available in reporting.

You can also tap the Undo linked text if you unintentionally checked someone in or out. Clicking Undo will erase the previously-logged timestamp data, and will not add a new timestamp.