Logging Offline Payments for the Winning Auction


Auction tools are not yet available on our product as of now. However, we can help you process the winning auction once the winning bid has been determined. Here's what you should do:

  1. Open Flipcause Dashboard > Manual Payment > Quick Payment.
  2. Under the Processing Method section, choose Add a payment record from another payment method (cash, check, 3rd party service).
  3. Enter the payment information. These include:
    • Amount received in cash
    • Payment Method
    • Payment Date (past and future dates are accepted)

Adding a payment through Flipcause will make it easier for bookkeeping purposes.

Since we don't have auction tools, the payment will be recorded depending on the specific tool you select. This means that it can be recorded as a donation, registration, sponsorship, etc.

Note: There's no processing fee for Offline Payments. These kinds of payments also do not show up in your Merchant Account since they were not processed with the Flipcause merchant account/gateway.

Adding More Information

You can add more information to make sure that the cash payment is associated with a campaign and contact by doing the following:

  1. Click Add More Information.
  2. If your supporter already exists in your database, you can look up their contact and their personal information will pre-populate in the Personal Information section from their contact record.
  3. Click Add Contact Assignment to look up contacts in your database.
  4. A popup window should come up. From there, you can search by Name or Business/Organization. Hit Search, then locate the desired Contact Profile in the results. Click Select.
    • Note: These steps will associate a payment with an existing Contact ID. Alternatively, you can also manually add payments from within contact profiles.

If your supporter is not yet in your database, you can put their information into the Personal Information section, and a new contact record will be created after you finish. Please note that a contact record will be created based on the email address entered in this section.


In addition to adding auction payment through the Quick Payment method, you can achieve this by going through Campaign Transaction. Here's how to do it:
  1. Go to Flipcause DashboardManual PaymentCampaign Transaction.
  2. Click Select in the Choose Campaign section, and a pop-up window should come up.
  3. Choose the campaign that you want from the dropdown menu, and click Select.
    • Other sections should come up once you've done this step.
  4. Click Select in the Choose Contact section.
  5. Type in the contact name that you're looking for, and click Search.
  6. If it exists, it should show up below. Click Select.
  7. Choose One-Time as the Auction Item Frequency in the Choose Campaign Options section.
  8. Enter the needed amount, and click Add To Cart.
  9. Click Continue to Checkout.
  10. Fill out the fields that need to be filled, and click Continue.
  11. Under the Payment Method section, choose Log Cash in the dropdown menu.
  12. Click Finish Transaction.