Mailchimp Integration


As part of this service, our Integration Services Team will be creating and maintaining the connection between the two platforms using integration (iPaaS) software.

Through this integration, we'll be creating an automatic connection between Flipcause and Mailchimp, removing the need to manually export data from our system and import it to Mailchimp. You would also no longer need to import mailing list reports into your email marketing software to create new contacts or update existing ones since all of these will be automatically done!

Please Note:

  1. On Flipcause-managed websites, most Newsletter and Mailing List sign-up forms are Weebly forms.
  2. If the form wasn’t requested to be made from a Flipcause campaign tool, it most likely is a Weebly form.
  3. The data from Weebly forms doesn’t pass into Flipcause and won’t pass through the integration.
  4. If you want, the Weebly form can be replaced by your email marketing platform’s form. The data will go directly into your email marketing platform without needing to pass through the integration!
  5. Code can be created and provided to the Success Team. You can learn more by checking out this article.
  6. The integration will still be triggered by new transactions, contacts, and merchant account payments and credits.
    • Currently, updates to or deletion of transactions do not trigger webhooks. If a transaction is refunded, the refund will trigger webhooks because it is considered a new transaction.


There are 3 ways to set up integration between Flipcause and Mailchimp:

Mailing List Contacts

  • These are contacts that are already in Mailchimp as subscribed or are signing up for your mailing list on a Flipcause tool.
  • These contacts will have a subscribed status.
  • You can choose if new and existing contacts go on the same audience or different ones.

All Contacts

  • Contacts are treated the same.
  • Existing Mailchimp contacts keep their status.
  • The status for new Mailchimp contacts is chosen (subscribed, pending, or unsubscribed).
  • You can choose if new and existing contacts go on the same audience or different ones.

All Contacts

  • The treatment of contacts is based on whether they’re on the mailing list or not:
  • Existing Mailchimp contacts (both subscribers and non-subscribers) keep their status.
  • The status for new Mailchimp subscribers is chosen (subscribed, pending, or unsubscribed).
  • The status for new Mailchimp non-subscribers is chosen (subscribed, pending, or unsubscribed).
  • You’re able to choose if new subscribers, new non-subscribers, and existing contacts go on the same audience or different ones.


The status for new Mailchimp contacts (both subscribers and non-subscribers) can be chosen between Subscribed, Unsubscribed, or Pending. Contacts in pending status can't be viewed until confirmed. Read more about statuses here.


If a contact is moved from one audience to another, they will now be on two audiences. For example, suppose Jane Smith is on the Donor audience, and all existing contacts that pass through the integration are sent to the Flipcause audience. In that case, Jane Smith will now be on the Flipcause audience and the Donor audience. However, the contact’s activity and rating will not be moved to the new audience. Please see this article for more information.


We can add tags based on the data available from the reporting section. If an individual is subscribed to the mailing list through a Flipcause campaign, they can be labeled with a tag. If they donated or registered for an event through your Flipcause campaign, you could also use any preferred tag, i.e. "Supporter", "Donor", or "Registrant". In addition, tags can be used to recognize the participation of those who took part in certain campaigns, such as a membership campaign. Click here to learn more.


To set up the integration, we'll need the login credentials for your Mailchimp account. We will never log directly into your account, and the password can be changed once the integration is successfully set up.

All audiences must exist before we can use them for integration purposes.

A “cleaned” contact has an email address to which Mailchimp has tried to deliver emails but can’t. We can't update the status of "cleaned" contacts due to Mailchimp's policies regarding this particular status.

We can add the business/organization name to a business contact if those fields have been added to the audience. The same can be done if you want to add addresses and phone numbers to contacts. Here's an article on how to do it.

Data is sent from Flipcause through the integration every 15-20 minutes. The frequency depends on the type of data (activity/transaction, contact, merchant account)


Once everything has been set up, our team will delete the test contacts from the Flipcause Activity Tracker on your behalf. You should receive an email letting you know that they have been deleted from Flipcause.

You can also check out this article by Mailchimp if you want to learn more about deleting or archiving those contacts from your email marketing program. If you have any questions, let us know!