Mailchimp Tags


Similar to Flipcause tags, Mailchimp tags is a feature that helps you organize your contacts in Mailchimp. You can assign multiple tags to each contact.

Tags are extremely useful if there's a single audience since you can use them to filter Mailchimp contacts. Here's a great Mailchimp article about filtering by tags.

Additionally, you can use tags to target email campaigns to specific Mailchimp contacts. You can learn more about how to send to tags by checking this Mailchimp article out.

Tags can be chosen by your organization. Whether it's "Mailing List", "Donor", "Supporter", or "Volunteer", you have the free reign to choose which tags you're going to use.


Tagging can be added through integration based on certain information you can find on Flipcause reports. It can be added for the following:

  • If a supporter signs up for the mailing list on a Flipcause campaign and tags are needed for mailing list participants.
  • If a supporter donates, registers for an event, or participates in a campaign.
  • If a supporter participates in a particular campaign, such as a membership campaign.

We currently aren’t able to add tags based on the following reasons:

  • To distinguish between recurring or one-time activities.
  • To provide information from answers to Custom Field questions from Flipcause campaigns.