Export a List of Emails for Your Mailing List

Your supporters have the option to sign up for your mailing list on every single transaction or signup they do on your Flipcause account (and the opt-in box is pre-checked).

Using contact reporting, you can pull a report specifically of everyone who opted-in to your mailing list through Flipcause. You can export it to a .csv file for import into Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Emma, or another email marketing tool you use to reach out to your supporters.

Since email signups to your Flipcause account won't magically appear in your email program, we recommend setting up a regular import and export schedule to keep your mailing list up to date, such as once a month. But feel free to adopt whatever cadence works for you!

And if this will be a report you regularly pull, first we recommend:


  1. Go to Reports > Export Profiles.
  2. Click on Add New Export Profile.
  3. Create a title, such as "Mailing List Export" and Select Report Type = Contact. 
  4. Select the fields you need in this report. You will likely only need a couple of fields, which are all under the category Personal Details
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
  5. Click Save Changes, and this will be saved to your Export Profiles and available for pulling your reports.


  1. Go to Reports > Activity Tracker Reporting (also accessible from Activity Tracker > Contact Reporting)
  2. Choose Report Type = Contact Records (report type must match export profile report type!)
  3. Add the following filters: 
    • Filter 1: 
      • Filter = Contact Type
      • Parameter = Is 
      • Value = Individual 
    • Filter 2: 
      • Filter = Joined Mailing List? 
      • Parameter = Is
      • Value = Yes
    • Optional: If you would like to filter by the date the supporter opted into your mailing list, add this filter: 
      • Filter = Mailing List Joined Date
      • Parameter = Is after
      • Value = [Date] 
      • (Parameter & Value can be altered to meet your needs) 
  4. Click Generate Report.
  5. Click Custom Report and Choose Export Profile = Mailing List Export (or click the specific fields you need below).
  6. Scroll to the bottom and select "Send me the report via email (CSV format)", and the email of the logged-in user will auto-fill
  7. Then click Get Report.
  8. After a few minutes, you'll receive an email with a link to download your CSV file.


You can import this. CSV file into your mailing program. They check for duplicates for you, so you don't have to filter out people already on your list. Check with the help center or support of the email marketing tool you use for exact instructions: