Major Donor Report

Your reports tab allows you to view stats, view transaction details, and export reports from all of your campaigns. Watch the video below for a quick overview.

A major donor report is a report of all of your donors who have donated above a certain amount (you get to determine what amount makes someone a major donor for your organization). For this example, let's say that we've decided that anyone who has donated $500 or more is considered a major donor for our organization.

Here's how we can create a report of these donors on Flipcause:


Go to Reports > Activity Tracker Reporting (also accessible from Activity Tracker > Contact Reporting).

The key to pulling a major donor report lies in filtering by All Time Contribution $ Amount.

Since we're looking for donors who have donated at least $500, we will set the filter:

  • Filter = All Time Contribution $ Amount
  • Parameter = Is more than 
  • Values = 499

If you are looking for all of your major donors in a specific time frame, you can add a filter using one of the date fields. 

Click Generate Report.


Click Custom Report (a popup overlay will appear to allow you to pick the fields you want in your report).

Find the following fields: (tip: copy & paste these and search for them)

  • First Name & Last Name fields
  • Email (and/or any other desired contact fields)
  • All Time Donations - This is the number of times the donor has donated to your organization. 
  • All Time Donation Amount - This is the total dollar amount the donor has donated to your organization.
  • Optional: any [YEAR] Donation Amount - The dollar amount the donor has donated in a specific year. (There is a different field for each year of donations logged in your database)

Pro tip: Create an Export Profile with these fields, so you do not have to search for them each time you pull this report. 

Pro-tip #2: Consider mass tagging these donors as Major Donors in your Activity Tracker.


Select "Send me the report via email (CSV format)" (the field will auto-fill the logged-in user’s email), and click Get Report. You will be emailed a link to download your generated CSV file.

Now you have a list of all donors who contributed at a certain minimum level. You have their names, contact information, and donation habits for targeting and outreach to motivate them to give again!

*Important Note: In Flipcause, "Contribution Amount" indicates any contribution, which includes all financial activities, including; donations, registrations, online store purchases, sponsorships, etc. With major donor reports, it's up to you which way to treat your contributors: filter by Donation activity specifically (donors), or filter by any financial contribution activity. If you're looking specifically for donations, make sure to use the [YEAR] Donations and [YEAR] Donations Amount fields. If you're looking for overall contributions, you'll want to use the [YEAR] Contributions and [YEAR] Contribution Amount fields instead.

Of course, if you need further support, send your Success Team an email today!