Make a Progress Adjustment

You can manually adjust the amount reflected in the progress meter (see example below) using the Make a Progress Adjustment feature. This feature gives you a quick way to adjust the appearance of the progress meter on your campaign:

Note:  In most cases, it's best to manually add offline payments through Add a Payment. This will allow you to enter supporter details, assign the contribution to a peer fundraiser, record it within your Activity Tracker, and more. These manually added payments will also be reflected in the associated campaign's progress meter. 

To Make a Progress Adjustment:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Edit This Campaign for the campaign you want to update, then click the Activity tab at the right.
  2. Find the Make a Progress Adjustment section and click Edit.
  3. Here, you can add or deduct whatever dollar amount you'd like from your campaign's progress meter. 
  4. Enter the Progress Adjustment Amount using only numbers along with a description. This description will only be displayed internally.  If you want to deduct a dollar value from your overall progress, include a " - " before the number. Then hit Save.
  5. A popup will appear. Confirm the adjustment by clicking OK.

When you're all finished, a confirmation will appear at the top of your screen.

This adjustment will now appear in the progress meter bar for your campaign and the Manage Progress Adjustments section within the campaign's Activity tab.