Mobile App Update Version 1.5

Flipcause LIVE Mobile App Version 1.5 is here! We have improved the Volunteer and Registration Check-Ins and Check-Outs to create a more seamless and efficient check-in and check-out process. 

With this new update you can now: 

  • Download lists to have quicker access to your lists and prevent long load times. Your downloaded lists will be ready to use immediately. 
  • Sync lists for seamless check-ins and check-outs across multiple devices. If you are using multiple devices to check-in/out volunteers and guests, sync your lists to ensure all users have the most up to date information on their devices. 
  • Use the Sort and Filter functionality to narrow your list to only see the exact volunteers and guests you're looking for. 
  • See the important numbers related to your list with check-in & check-out stats at the top of each list.



Download List & Sync Lists 

Downloading and syncing lists creates a more seamless experience when multiple users are checking in/out volunteers and guests. If multiple users are using the app, syncing your lists will ensure everyone has the most updated check-in and check-out statuses. 

To download a list: 

  • Go into Volunteer Check-In or Registration Check-In.
  • Click Download a List and choose the campaign and tap Download This Campaign

  • Once you have downloaded a list, you will be able to access them by clicking View my Lists(s) for future use.

To Sync Lists: 

  • Click View my List(s) and find the list you would like to sync. Swipe the list to the left and click Sync.

  • The Sync option is also available when inside of a list. Click into the list you are working with and click the Sync symbol in the upper right-hand corner.

  • We recommend syncing your lists after each check-in.

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New Sorting & Filter Options

We have added new sorting and filter options to Volunteer and Registration Check-Ins. Set your sort and filter options and apply them to your list to narrow down your list and only see the volunteers and guests you want.

You can now sort by: 

  • Registration/Volunteer Date (the date the person signed up to register or volunteer) 
  • Alphabetical order by First Name (A-Z & Z-A options) 

You can now filter to only show: 

  • Volunteers/Guests who are Checked-In 
  • Volunteers/Guests who are Checked-Out 
  • Volunteers/Guests who are Not Checked-In 

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New check-in & check-out stats 

New stats have been added to Volunteer and Registration Check-Ins. 

Now at a glance, you can see: 

  • The number of volunteers/guests not checked-in
  • The number of volunteers/guests checked-in
  • The number of volunteers/guests checked-out 
  • The number of total participants in your list 
  • The time and date you list was last updated 

Click here to learn more about Volunteer and Registration Check-Ins.

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