Mobile App Update Version 1.7

Flipcause LIVE Mobile App v 1.7 is here! This update comes with a lot of improvements, including: 

  • NEW: Log check payments (in addition to card and cash)
  • More control over what functions your account's subadmins can access
  • You can now filter by registration groups when checking in volunteers and registrants

These updates are available on both Android and iOS. Be sure to update the app on your devices!

New Check Option 

You can now log a check payment using the Flipcause LIVE Mobile App. You'll be able to indicate the check or trace number using this option. Click here for more details on how to log a check payment.

Updated Mobile App Privileges

We're giving you more control over what parts of the app your sub-admins have access to. This is great for when you have volunteers using the mobile app during events and you want to give them access to only specific functions of the app. Click here to learn more about Mobile App Privileges and how to set them up.

New Sort/Filter Options 

We added the ability to sort your lists A-Z and Z-A by Last Name and added Registration and Volunteer Groups as a filter option. It's now easier than ever to have your lists show you only the registrants and volunteers you're looking for.


Improved Payment Flow 

When you +Add a Payment/Donation using the Flipcause LIVE Mobile App, you have multiple options for how you process the payment. We've updated the payment flow to make it easier for you to take the exact action you want. There are now 4 distinct payment types for you to choose from including a new option to log checks! 

Other Updates

  • We've updated the review and signature page to display the processing fee for greater clarity to your supporters.
  • It's now easier to enter email addresses using keyboard shortcuts (,,
  • New proactive alert to let you know if you've become disconnected from the internet.