Customize Receipt

Customizing your automated receipts is optional. Even if you don't customize the receipts area of your campaigns, the system will still generate automatic and personalized email receipts. All receipts will feature a subject line and greeting based on the activity/campaign name/information entered during the transactions, and will greet your supporter by their name. Most importantly, all receipts already contain the required financial and tax-deducible information, so you don't have to enter any of those details manually. All receipts, by default, contain all the legally-required information such as tax deductible amount, contact info for your organization, and the disclaimer 

For a fully personalized experience, we of course do recommend customizing your receipts and adding a personal touch for your supporters.

You can customize the automated email receipts that get sent to your supporters per campaign by going to Campaigns > Edit This Campaign > Receipt Settings > Transaction Receipt Settings.

Here, you can specify the sender (from) email address, the subject line, the greeting, and whether you'd like to use the first name or full name of your supporter in the greeting. 

In the custom messages area, you can enter the messages you'd like the recipients of each activity type to see. We broke this area down into the various activity types so you can set up a unique message for every type of supporter activity, or copy and paste the same message to all. If a single person makes multiple activities, they will receive multiple messages relating to each one.  

The custom message will be the first text your supporter will see after the greeting, and before the tax deductibility disclaimer and the transaction details. 

In the Tax-Deductible Disclaimer section, you can choose the wording of your tax deductibility disclaimer, as well as choose if or when it appears. 

The bottom of the message will contain your organization's contact information and EIN.

Click SAVE to save your settings, then click on Send Test Receipt to preview what your receipt will look like. Since you have formatting and image options in your custom message body, this is a good opportunity to make sure everything is formatted correctly!

Note: Yahoo-hosted email addresses should not be entered in the Sender Email field. If you enter an address that is or a custom domain email that is maintained by Yahoo, it will prevent all of your email receipts and confirmations from being sent out. This is due to an out-dated security precaution that is unique to Yahoo. 

Note: Your Recurring Donations/Recurring Payments/Recurring Subscription receipts are slightly different. You'll want to check and customize your Recurring Payment Receipt Settings area (also within Campaigns > Edit Campaign > Receipt Settings) if you are offering recurring payments as an activity within this campaign.