How to record an offline contribution (cash, check, Paypal, etc).

1. First, click the "Add a Payment" button, then click the second button: "Add a payment record from another payment method (cash, check, 3rd party service)".

2. Enter Payment Information for your Offline Payment: Enter the amount that you received in cash, check, or via a 3rd party payment processor such as Paypal. Select a payment source and payment date (past and future dates are accepted).  Add optional details such as check number and whether you paid a processing fee (for recording other 3rd party processors).

Note: There is NO processing fee to record Offline Payments. Offline Payment amounts are included in your Total Transaction Amounts and recorded in the "Net Received (Offline)" field, but are not added to your Available Balance.

2a. Proceed to Checkout or Add More Information: After you've entered the payment information, you have two choices: Proceed to Checkout or Add More Information. "Proceed to Checkout" is a quick pay option that enables you to easily process a payment on the fly or at an event, without entering too many additional details. When you use the quick "Proceed to Checkout" option, the transaction will initially be processed with the following information:

  • Anonymous Name and Email
  • No Campaign Association
  • Not Tax Deductible
  • Default Receipt Message

Please Note: After completing the transaction, you will still have the option to add more information to the transaction record as well as send a receipt. The following fields may be added:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Tax Deductible Percentage

3. Add More Information (Optional): If you'd like to add more information to the transaction record and receipt, click the "Add More Information" button after entering your payment information. All of the fields in this section are optional.

The information that you may add in this section includes:

  • Campaign Association
  • Peer-to-Peer referrals
  • Personal Information
  • Tribute Donations
  • Custom Fields
  • Payment Title & Description (Giving Levels)
  • Tax Percentages
  • Discounts (by Percentage or Dollar Amount)
  • Custom Receipt Message
  • Tax Deductible Disclaimer and Settings

Advanced Receipt Settings: If you'd like to change default information to be displayed on your receipts, click "Show Advanced Receipt Settings" link under "Additional Information" > "Receipt Info". Here, you can change the logo, organization name, address, and phone number that will be displayed on your receipt. You can also change the Payment descriptor in this section (to read "Donation", "Sponsorship", etc).

4. Checkout: Review your transaction details, then click the "Finish" button.

5. Confirm Record and Send Receipt (Optional): As mentioned above, you can change or add information to your payment after the transaction has been completed. The confirmation screen will display the name, email, and tax deductible status of your transaction. If you have not added Additional Information, these fields will display as "Anonymous" and "Not tax deductible". Make any necessary changes to these fields, and then decide whether or not you'd like to send a receipt to your supporter. Click "Confirm and Finish" to send the receipt and add the fields to your reporting. 

6. Reporting Details: Payments are recorded in your reports with the Transaction Source listed as "Manual Payment - Offline Payment".