Online Store Tool Overview

Easily create an online store to sell your organization's merchandise and services! To create a new online store campaign, here's what you should do:

  1. Open Flipcause DashboardCampaignsCreate New CampaignOnline Store.
  2. Enter your campaign title, thumbnail, and other details.
    • Note: You can go back and edit these later on if you want to change something.
  3. Click Publish Campaign.
  4. Once you publish your campaign, you should see it under Active Campaigns. Click on Edit This Campaign to open the editor of your campaign.
  5. Click Manage Settings to open the Online Store Settings.


This section lets you set up general registration settings for your online store. You can customize the call-to-action button and the item descriptor here. You can also customize the thumbnail for your online store tool if the multi-tool campaign is activated by uploading an image.

In the Thank You Page Options section, you can customize the screen that will be presented once the transaction with your supporter has been finalized. Feel free to add a custom message! You also have the option to turn Social Media Sharing on or off in this section and add custom analytics code.

Hit the Save button to save any changes you've made in the Online Store Settings.


This is where you'll add any items you plan to sell in your online store campaign. In this section, you can customize the following:

  • Item Title
  • Primary Item Photo
    • Note: Make sure that the photo you upload is square.
  • Item Group Max
    • Here's where you can set an online store cap on the entire item group. If the max set # is reached, the item will show as "SOLD OUT" to prevent additional purchases.
  • Additional Item Photos
    • You can do it here if you want to upload more photos of the item.
  • Item Description
    • Add more information about the item you're offering.

Item Types

You can set up general information about the item you're selling here. Feel free to add a brief description for the item type and set the quantity available for purchase.

There are various Quantity Display Options where you can show quantity reserved, available, or not show any at all. In addition, you can customize the amount limits per order if you'd like to limit how many items an individual buyer can purchase.

If you want to set a price for your item type, simply toggle the Would you like to set a price? switch to Yes. Once activated, you can type in your desired item type price. You also have the option to set the tax-deductible status and the market value of the item type here. If you want buyers to know the estimated delivery date, toggle it to Show and type in the information.

Click +Add New Item Type if you have multiple item types for your product. Hit Publish Item once you're done.

Once you have your item published, it should display in the Published Items section. At any point in time, you can edit the item by going to this section and clicking the pencil icon on the item you wish to update.

As always, your Success Team is here for you every step of the way! Get support by sending us an email.