Peer-to-Peer Campaign: Athletic Event

The most classic and well-known kind of a peer-to-peer campaign is an athletic event, like a 5K Walk or Run, where participants ask their friends and family to sponsor them to participate. This combines Peer-to-Peer with Event Registration where you can either charge participants a registration fee or to fundraise in order to participate in the event. This also allows participants to garner support, get others excited about attending the event, and spread the word about your organization.

Some of the most popular campaigns are 5k Run/Walks and Marathons, but you can get creative and host anything similar, such as Hike-a-thons or even Surf-a-thons. Regardless of which you choose, the campaign setup is the same! On Flipcause, you'll be able to also fully customize the wording of the call-to-action buttons to suit your unique event.


Below is an example of a hiking challenge that each individual takes on. 

This example has two immediate actions a supporter can take: Register to Hike, or Sponsor a Hiker. If they register to participate, they are taken into a registration flow which displays all event details.

On the next page, you can request any kind of information from your hikers, such as signing liability waivers, dietary restrictions, tee shirt size, and of course, contact details. Once they complete their registration, they are directed to create their fundraising page, which will then display on the main campaign. 

If they choose to Sponsor a Hiker, they will be taken through a donation form. The donation levels are customizable, so in this example, they can see exactly how many feet of elevation they are sponsoring their hikers for. 

Once they complete the donation, it will automatically appear in their selected individual's live progress meter and page activity feed.

Explore this campaign for yourself by clicking the link:

View Template: Hike-a-thon

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You may find yourself needing many more options for something like a major 5K event. In addition to the required registration and peer-to-peer combination, you may need the option for people to donate, sign up to volunteer, and become event sponsors. You can have this all on a single landing page. We have more tips on the right way to set up a 5K fundraiser here.

If you require your fundraisers to register for the 5K before starting their fundraising page, you can hide your peer-to-peer call-to-action button from the main page, and instead, use chain actions to only show the fundraising set-up immediately after completing registration.

View Template: 5K Fun Run

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