Peer-to-Peer Campaign: Board Fundraiser

One of the best things about peer-to-peer is the nearly limitless multitude of creative applications. With P2P, you’re not limited to just engaging your supporters to fundraise. A peer-to-peer campaign can also be an excellent way to engage your board. Since your board is the group of people most vested in the future success of your organization, why not get them more directly involved with making it happen? 

With P2P you can enable your board members to develop business sponsorships for your organization with a landing page they can customize and have a direct call-to-action. Chances are, your board members already are working in some capacity to fundraise and build partnerships with local businesses and other organizations. This gives them another, automated tool to use. The best part is both the supporter count as well as the sponsorships formed can be trackable per person. Even if most of your sponsors write paper checks, by having these pages you can record those check transactions and attribute them to specific board members, and automate the thank you message that goes to the sponsor. That means that both you and your sponsors have an electronic and legal record of the sponsorship, and it's included in your database within Flipcause. Periodically, you can run a report on this type of campaign to see at a glance which board members have raised the most and congratulate them!

Here’s an example of a creative way to tie in board members with sponsorship -

View Template: Board Corporate Sponsorship

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