Peer-to-Peer Campaign: Personal Challenge

Similar to a special occasion, sometimes fundraisers (or your organization) will want to organize a challenge just for fun - either for a personal goal or to raise awareness for a cause. The example that always comes to mind is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that went viral and promotes awareness around a rare disease. Most campaigns won’t go viral, but that’s not the point. The true goal is to engage your network, to have fun, and to fund your important work. We’ve seen organizations do jumping-jacks challenges and push-up challenges, too.

When setting up this campaign, be sure to lay out the steps to make it easy for your supporters to participate. One of the reasons that Teen Diaries Foundation's Sweat Makes Cents campaign is so successful year after year, is that they laid out the rules and made it easy for their participants to engage. See below for how they set it up:

View Template: Jumping Jacks Challenge

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