Peer-to-Peer Campaign: Special Occasion

The most popular occasion campaign is the Birthday Fundraiser. When a birthday or other special occasion comes up, people opt to fundraise for their favorite cause instead of receiving gifts. They ask their friends and family to redirect funds budgeted for presents to support a meaningful cause. It's something all parties can feel great about, and a win-win-win for all. Charity:water is probably best known for popularizing this fundraising model, and you can see it in action here. Although they went to great lengths to custom-build their software just to create these kinds of campaigns, the good news is you don’t need proprietary software or anything fancy to pull this off. You can just create a birthday fundraiser template like the one below.

You can create the same format for graduations and other milestones or celebrations. You can even have an entire page on your website dedicated to different campaigns supporters can start on their own, just like charity:water.

View Templates: Pledge Your Birthday

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