Payments: Membership

Collecting Membership Dues on Flipcause

You can use recurring donations on Flipcause to collect membership dues for your organization.

There are several benefits to switching your offline or manual signup and dues collection processes to using a Flipcause campaign for this purpose:

  1. Cut down on staff hours by offering self-signup.
  2. Automatically recurring charges (monthly, quarterly, annually) so you don't have to collect payments manually.
  3. Automated thank you letters, tax receipts, and emailing membership information, including perks.
  4. New members get added to your Flipcause Activity Tracker automatically, including if they sign up as a business or an individual.
  5. Fine-tune tax-deductibility settings to your specifications.
  6. Easy reporting and management of your members, including automated messages in case of payment failure.
  7. The ability to set start and end times for membership installments, regardless of when the new member signs up.
  8. Grant members the ability to end or change their membership payments themselves, as well as update their credit card information on their own.

Your Membership Portal

If you haven't already, set up a dedicated page on your website for membership information and can serve as your membership signup portal. 

It should be easy to find on your website and have a straightforward URL, such as

It should also outline the benefits and options for members. 

Setting Up Your Membership Dues Campaign

There are a few core steps to tailoring your Donations/Payments campaign to take in membership payments:

  1. Rename your donation descriptor and call-to-action label from "Donation" and "Make a Donation" to "Membership Payment" and "Become a Member" or similar. This will change the language from being donation-oriented to membership-oriented throughout the entire transaction flow.

  2. Choose your recurring options. Toggle off "one-time" and any other frequency you don't want to offer. Make sure tribute donation is also turned off.

  3. Customize recurring giving level prices and options. The giving level titles should reflect the membership level names, and the descriptions can summarize the benefits of each level. This is also where you set the tax-deductibility settings and turn off "open donation amount" to prevent people from naming their own price.

  4. Optional: Program start and end times for the payments. By default, all recurring payments will begin to be billed immediately and continue indefinitely until manually canceled. You can change that here.

  5. Set up the information you'd like to collect from new members. Offer for them to sign up as individuals, businesses, or both. You can also set up custom questions.

  6. Personalize the Thank You Page and Receipts to reflect your membership options since, by default, they will contain donation-centric information. You should also review the tax disclaimer and make sure it's accurate, or you can remove it from the emails altogether.

  7. Integrate your membership campaign on your website. Now that you have your portal and campaign set up, it's time to connect them so you can add that call-to-action to your membership page.

    (You can find the full step-by-step on how to set this up here. Also, we can just do it for you! Don't hesitate to send us a request.)

View the Demo: Membership Dues

Feel free to play around with the campaign and even test out signing up as a member for the full experience.
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