Peer-to-Peer Overview

Our Peer-to-Peer tool makes it easy for your organization to mobilize your supporters' networks by allowing individuals to create their own fundraising pages. To create a new campaign, here's what you should do:

  1. Open Flipcause DashboardCampaignsCreate New CampaignPeer-to-Peer.
  2. Enter your campaign title, thumbnail, and other details.
    • Note: You can go back and edit these later on if you want to change something.
  3. Click Publish Campaign.
  4. Once you publish your campaign, you should see it under Active Campaigns. Click on Edit This Campaign to open the editor of your campaign.
  5. In the Tool Settings, you have the option to manage either the Donation/Payment or Peer-to-Peer settings. Click Manage Settings on the one you want to open.


Here's where you'll be able to manage all tool and campaign settings for your peer-to-peer campaign. 

Peer-to-Peer Settings

You'll be able to adjust additional information to customize your peer-to-peer settings. Any changes here will be applied to all peer-to-peer campaign fundraising pages. Here, you have the options to:

  • Show leaderboard
  • Manually set featured fundraisers
  • Show fundraiser search bar in campaign header
  • Require admin approval before activating
  • You can activate either for fundraiser pages, team pages, or both.
  • Include the organization name in the Select Fundraiser list
  • Allow teams to create individual pages
  • Allow fundraisers to join existing teams
  • Allow fundraisers to create new teams
  • Allow team captains to invite new team members

You can also customize how you will present the progress of the fundraising by either showing or hiding the progress meter, the amount raised, and the number of supporters.

In addition, you have the option to edit the descriptor for the teams, the call to action, and the stories of individual fundraisers.

In the Thank You Page Options section, you can customize the screen that will be presented once the transaction with your supporter has been finalized. Feel free to add a custom message! You also have the option to turn Social Media Sharing on or off in this section and add custom analytics code.

Add New Fundraiser/Invite Fundraisers

Here, you can manage or add additional fundraisers for your campaign.

If you click on Add New Fundraiser, you can manually enter a new fundraiser to be added to your peer-to-peer program. Simply enter their general information. You can also update their own personal campaign information here.

If you would like to invite certain supporters to create their own fundraisers, click on Invite Fundraisers. This will let you send out emails to the recipients that you include. Feel free to customize the subject line and message included in the email.

Note: The message box takes HTML coding so you can be as creative as you like with your message.


Once your supporters create fundraisers, they will show up under the Fundraisers section. From here, you can manage all of their information.

Each fundraiser is listed by name, and you'll see their raised and goal amount. You can also send their log-in information from here if you want them to manage their own fundraising page. Always make sure the click Save Changes when you update the information of your fundraisers.

Add New Team

Set up a new team registration here if you want to add a team to your campaign. You can add a team name, an image, and their campaign information. These include their campaign title, fundraising goal, and campaign story.

Below these, you have the option to manage team members by adding or removing certain individuals. You can also add or remove team captains from the team.


This section is similar to the Fundraisers section, and you can manage the teams in your campaign here. If you need to adjust some information, click the pencil icon on a listed team.


To set up your campaign site where you can direct supporters to either make a donation or set up their own fundraising page, click Campaign Settings. This section allows you to customize the content that is being displayed on your public fundraising page.

Feel free to include any necessary information about your campaign in the Title & About section. You can include images, links, and embedded videos as well.

Aside from this, you can manage a wide range of customizations. These include:

  • Logos
  • Domain Settings
  • Goal and End Date
  • Social Media Settings
  • Review Page Message
  • Processing Fee Settings

If you want to take a look at what your landing page looks like, click on View Landing Page on the top-right side of the screen.