What's New - Q1 2018 Product Updates



Flipcause CRM Database (Beta) 

In addition to a transactional database, with Flipcause CRM (Beta) you now also have your contact database - all within Flipcause. No more searching your transaction history by name to see it all in one place! Each of your contacts and supporters now has their own dedicated profile page, from which you can assign relationships, manage activities, assign soft-credits, apply tags, and much more. And of course, you can now run reports on your contacts and groups! With comprehensive and easily accessible data at your fingertips, you can focus on increasing engagement with those who matter most to your organization.


  • Individual & Group Profiles:
    • Automatically sync personal information and transaction data collected through your Flipcause Campaigns with your Contact Database
    • Aggregate all of your supporter’s data and activity into single, easy-to-view Contact Profiles
    • Add new information such as birthdays, relationships, tags, social media profiles, etc.
    • Edit information such as name, email, address, etc. to maintain accurate and up-to-date records
    • Flexible Group functionality (similar to "Households" in typical CRMs) allows you to organize supporters into various types of Groups, including: Household, Business, Nonprofit, Foundation, School, Team, Club, Association, Religious Organization, Media Organization, Fraternity, Sorority, Other, or general

  • Activity Management:
    • Manage recurring payments, refunds, event & volunteer check-ins, subscriptions, peer-to-peer pages, and much more

  • Custom Reporting:
    • One-click Annual Reports allow you to report all activity & contributions for the year per person
    • Stored Payment Sources securely store credit card info for convenient re-charging
    • Soft Credits give credit for a contribution to someone besides the donor
    • Contact Reporting lets you create exportable segments for your communications with supporters, such as email newsletters, direct mailers, and mail merges.

Interested in getting access to the beta version? Just ask your Success Manager!

Flipcause LIVE Mobile App

Flipcause LIVE is a perfect mobile payment solution for your live events. Easily accept and process payments through your Flipcause account and check in volunteers & event registrants through a friendly, easy to use interface. The app is free and links directly to your existing Flipcause account.


  • Manage Volunteer and Event Participant check-ins & check-outs with one click
  • Automatically sync check-in activity with your campaigns and reports
  • Easily process one-time and recurring payments for donations, event tickets, admission, and merchandise through your Flipcause account
  • Accept credit card payments / Charge and log check & cash payments
  • Set up payment profiles to easily add sales taxes, notes, receipt messages, and more
  • Log payments to specific campaigns
  • Send personalized and automated receipts

The Flipcause LIVE app is available for download for iPhone and iPad from the App Store and coming soon for Android on Google Play.

Flipcause Card Reader

With the Flipcause Card Reader, you can securely process credit and debit card payments via EMV chip or magnetic stripe cards on the go. A companion to the Flipcause LIVE app, it’s perfect to grab for a big event.


  • Chip card slot securely and easily reads EMV chip cards
  • Magnetic stripe reader features bi-directional reading capability
  • EMV Level 1 & Level 2 certified / CF & FCC certified so you can be confident that payments are secure
  • Connects to your smartphone via audio jack
  • Includes a rechargeable battery with LED light indicators and cable

Request your card reader from your Flipcause Success Team to get started.

We’re thrilled to share these newest product releases for 2018! Thanks to your feedback, we've been able to make Flipcause that much better. It's simpler than ever to increase supporter engagement and build your impact.