Manually Add a Transaction to a Campaign

Typically, your supporters engage with your campaigns directly, which creates and records activities and transactions in your Flipcause account. In some cases, however, you will want to be able to process (or log) those transactions manually on behalf of your supporters. Some common examples include:

  • Someone paid for tickets to your event with cash or check and you want to register them to your campaign, log that payment as received, make sure they show up on your event reporting (guest list), as well as reduce the available amount of tickets across the event.
  • You've received sponsorship in the form of cash or check that you want to record and attribute to the right person and campaign, as well as indicate that that particular sponsorship package was purchased.
  • You'd like to process someone's credit card payment against existing payment options or items in your store and log the charges against the existing options, shipping costs, sales taxes, etc.

To manually register someone to your event, sign someone up to volunteer, log a purchase of an item or a contribution, or record a sponsorship, you can Add a Campaign Transaction.

You'll be able to process the transaction on Flipcause (charge their credit card manually), or log an offline transaction to Flipcause (such as register someone using cash or check payment).

You'll also be able to attribute this payment to a contact in your Activity Tracker as well as to a peer fundraiser, if applicable.

Watch the video overview or read the step-by-step walk-through below:

Manually Add a Campaign Transaction

Go to Manual Payments > Campaign Transaction

  1. Choose the Campaign this will be applied to.
    • This is required, as it will populate the next steps with the options that are relevant to this campaign. (To add a Quick Payment in any amount without attributing to any campaign, use the Quick Payment option instead).
    • If applicable, you can select a peer fundraiser to also apply this payment to (or keep it at "Organization" to keep it general to your overall campaign).
  2. Optional: Choose a Contact from your Activity Tracker to attribute this payment to.
    • Choosing an existing contact profile will pre-fill the upcoming prompts with existing information on files, such as contact information, custom questions, and even an existing payment method (credit card on file). Of course, you can adjust it during the transaction if needed.
    • Not choosing an existing contact profile will put the Flipcause matching algorithm into effect, and the new transaction will either be automatically logged to a matching contact, or a new contact profile will be created if a match is not found.
  3. Choose Campaign Options: the engagement tool, the related options, and then Add To Cart.
    • To log a payment for multiple engagements and options at once, repeat this step with the existing campaign options until you've added all of the needed options to your cart.
    • As you add items, the cart on the left-hand side will display a list of all options that have been added, and you can remove or edit the quantities from there.
  4. Once all of the desired options have been selected, Continue to Checkout
    • A reference for the contents of your cart will remain at the top of your page, which you can expand and adjust.
  5. Enter the supporter details and Continue.
    • If there is a contact profile chosen, this information will pre-fill with the relevant information that already exists on the contact record to save you time.
    • You can still change the information that is pre-filled here. This will not override existing information on the contact profile.
    • To give you, as the admin, full flexibility - all fields here are optional, regardless of whether they are required on the campaign for the supporter. If you do not fill them in, however, you will not be able to edit this information on this transaction later. 
  6. Enter Additional Order Information and Continue.
    • If there are any custom questions or waivers on your campaign or on the chosen engagement tools, these will appear on the Additional Order Information step.
    • The fields here are also optional for you, regardless of whether or not they are required for supporters. If you do not fill them in, however, you will not be able to edit this information on this transaction later. 
  7. Review and Process the Transaction:
    • Payment Method: choose whether to process this payment to their card using Flipcause or to log a cash/check/third party offline payment.
    • Transaction Options is where you have the options to apply a promo code (must be valid for that campaign), indicate processing fee settings, list this transaction as anonymous on the public feed, and opt them into your mailing list:
      • If logging an offline method such as a check, you'll have additional options to add a trace number and a date for when the payment was processed. You'll also have an option to email an automated receipt/thank you from Flipcause, even if this payment didn't get processed on Flipcause!
  8. Review and Finish Transaction.
    • Please be sure to carefully review all information listed before finishing the transaction, because this information cannot be edited once submitted.
    • For offline/cash/check/third party payments you are logging, please note the dollar amount for the transaction that will be logged will be the amount that is reflected in your cart total. If the payment you received does not match the shown total, you can adjust the campaign options, the information entered, or log the payment as two separate payments to ensure accurate record keeping.
    • For card payments you are processing, enter the credit card details and click Finish Transaction to process.