I published a new campaign but when I check the website it doesn't appear. Is there a step I missed?

When you publish a campaign in Flipcause, it does not automatically add it to your website. When you hit "Publish" in the Flipcause Dashboard it will make your campaign active and available in the following areas:

In order to add the campaign to your website, you will need to determine where and how on your website you would like your campaign to display.

Where you can add a campaign to your website:

We recommend making it prominent and easy to find, perhaps in multiple areas such as:

  • Featured on your homepage
  • In your floating button (which appears on every page on your site)
  • In the main navigation menu
  • Have its own dedicated landing page on your site

How a campaign can display on your website:

In terms of what format you would like the campaign to appear on your website, here is a full rundown of your integration options, as well as an example of what each looks like: Integration Options

Once you know how and where you'd like to have your campaign live, take a look at the steps below for more details on how to do it.

See also: How to Launch a Campaign