I published a new campaign but when I check the website it doesn't appear. Is there a step I missed?

Publishing a campaign in the Flipcause Dashboard will put a campaign into the Active area of your campaigns, which will make it available to add into a Campaign Menu and available to create a code for in the Integration Center. Please note that the Publish button will not automatically add it to your website (but it will automatically add it to anywhere a list of all of your active campaigns is available).

After creating and publishing your campaign, an additional step is required to have the campaign appear on your website.

If you have a floating button on your website that links to a list of other campaigns, you can easily add it to this list. To do this, you'll just need to add this campaign to the Campaign Menu to which your floating button is linking (often called Support Us). To do this, go to Campaigns > Campaign Menus > Edit the Support Us menu > Add in your new campaign. 

You will usually want to also add it to your website directly as well. You'll first want to consider, where would you like it to appear, and how?

Take a look at the below step-by-steps for more details on how to make it happen -

General Integration Center Overview - http://help.flipcause.com/help/integration-center-overview

Direct Embed - http://help.flipcause.com/help/directly-embed-campaign

Add a button - http://help.flipcause.com/help/add-flipcause-button-on-weebly

Get a link - http://help.flipcause.com/help/get-a-link-to-your-campaign Let me know if you have any questions and how else I can help!