Events & Registrations: Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings in the Event/Registration tool allow you to customize shipping and sales tax collection, and add custom fields, waivers, and individual participant information collection to each group type.

To edit Advanced Settings, go to Campaigns > Edit This Campaign. Here you'll find the Tool Settings tab where you can select Manage Settings for the Event/Registration tool.

Next, click Add New Registration Group (or click into a Registration Group you have already published) and scroll down to the registration group types. Then click on the blue text for Show Advanced Registration Type Settings.

Below, you’ll find details about each of the Advanced Settings you can set up for your Event/Registration.

Sales Tax Collection

Within Advanced Settings, you can now automatically calculate and collect Sales Tax.

By configuring Sales Tax within Advanced Settings, you can make sure that Sales Tax is applied only to the purchase of a particular item type. 


You can also define and add shipping costs within Advanced Settings.

Shipping costs can be set as a percentage of the item type price or by entering a dollar amount.

You have the option of setting a single, flat shipping fee or creating multiple levels. Setting more than one shipping option creates a dropdown menu within each item type in your campaign and allows supporters to choose their desired shipping method.

Keep in mind: If you anticipate people purchasing multiple items, shipping costs can quickly add up. Once you set the individual item type shipping within Advanced Settings, you may also want to put a Maximum Shipping Cost in place using Order Settings.

Custom Fields and Waivers

You can collect specific information from supporters based on the actions they take within your campaign by adding Custom Fields and/or Waiver.

By toggling to "Yes," you can select from the dropdown menus and add custom fields to an individual item type. You can also select "Create a New Custom Field" or "Create a New Waiver" from the dropdown menu and create one on the spot. It's possible to add multiple custom fields to each item type, but only one waiver. With the shopping cart activated, these fields will display at the end of the checkout process (after your supporter has entered their personal information and before the transaction is submitted).

Adding Custom Fields and Waivers within Advanced Settings ensures that they only display when a supporter selects that particular registration type in your campaign. You can also add Custom Fields and Waivers to an entire order (regardless of what item the supporter purchases) under the Order Settings tab.

Note on Information Collection Settings:

In order to add custom fields and waivers to a registration group type, you'll have to choose how you want to collect the information.

From the dropdown menu, choose to either:

  1. Collect data for each individual quantity of this item type added by my supporter
    Selecting this option means that your supporter will need to fill out the custom fields you add for each individual quantity of an item type in their purchase.

  2. Collect information only ONCE per type
    Select this second option if you want to collect responses to custom field questions only once for a particular registration group type (and not for each individual quantity of that item).

Individual Participant Information

In addition to Custom Fields and Waivers, you can also choose to collect Individual Participant Information from within Advanced Settings.

From the information collection dropdown menu, selecting Collect information for each individual quantity of this type will bring up the toggles for collecting Individual Participant Information. Activating any of these information collection options within Advanced Settings allows you to collect information from multiple participants for multiple registrations within a single transaction.

For example, if you have multiple people registering for your event within a single transaction and you want to collect each person's information, you'll want to use these Advanced Settings to collect participant information for each registrant.