Registration Campaign: Concert

You can even use Flipcause to set up complex seating maps for concerts in large venues and symphony halls.

By combining Campaign Menus, Registration Groups, and Registration Types, you can let your supporters drill down to their desired seating area and select the exact seats they want.

By turning on the option to collect Participant Details, you'll also be able to collect the names of every ticket holder and know which seat they reserved.

Before the event, you'll be able to pull a registration report of all participants and their seat numbers and use it to check in your attendees.

The best part is, if you plan to have other events in the same venue, you'll be able to clone the campaigns and easily have the same seating options already set up for future use.

Explore below the example of one of our partners and a concert they ran. Go through and experiment with picking different seats to see how the seating self-selection works.

View Template: Concert Seating

Make this: Click here to set this up for your next concert