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One of the most effective ways to engage fundraisers under 50 is with a fun, athletic event. This demographic values experiences, and offering a worthwhile experience is the best way to get people to learn about your organization and fired up about your mission. Our favorite examples of this are the Tour De Boulangerie, the NYC Cupcake Run, and the 5 Boro Pizza Challenge. What makes these stand out as great examples, is that the activities are fun and enticing in and of themselves. The fact that they also support a worthwhile cause is just an added benefit. Providing active and socially-engaged millennials with an activity to do with their friends that they can feel good about (and share on social media) is the primary focus. Putting the fun and adventure and the participant's enjoyment in the foreground (and the organization's fundraising goals in the background), while perhaps counterintuitive, is what creates the right setup for generating that sought-after organic social media sharing of your brand, mission, and project. Our conscious-consumer younger generations are looking to spend their time and money on entertainment that is more meaningful. They want to support change in the world, or just feel like they are a part of something bigger. These types of events are a way to meet those needs and simultaneously have these participants spread the word and help fundraise for your organization.

Here's an example of Chooda and their Tour De Boulangerie, using their website with an integrated Flipcause campaign:

Click on the link to view the live campaign, and proceed as if you were purchasing a ticket to see what the checkout process looks like, including adding a custom question for tee shirt sizing, and a look at the waiver.

The key to maximizing engagement is to make it a competition with prizes, and have a dedicated Instagram account, as well as a hashtag, so everyone can follow along and root for their teams. This becomes an excellent way to spread awareness about both your organization and the project it's working on. Notice that for all of these, the fundraising goal and progress are not emphasized or even displayed. The focus is on the participants and their friends having a good time and having a place where they are celebrated, rather than the organization's goals. If the activity and participants are the focus of the attention and sharing on social media, they will share more freely and their posts get more attention because it feels personal and authentic, so don't fall for the temptation to have this event focus too much on your fundraising goals. The 5 Boro Pizza Challenge did a great job of this with their social media, prizes, and party. Of course, you'll want to be sure that even with the expenses required to provide this experience, the event will be profitable so proceeds can go to fund the important things this is all for.

The special sauce of these events is their combining of tourism, food, and athleticism to make this enticing for as many people as possible. This increases the chances that a wide variety of people will be excited to join, even as each may have a different motivating interest.

Another key aspect is to keep everyone updated with the progress of the event and/or the winners on the dedicated Instagram page and website. You can create a page on your website for this, or use a Flipcause campaign site and its integrated gallery and updates features as well. We recommend that you offer tee-shirts, and you can also add a waiver to protect your organization if someone gets hurt.

View Template: Tour de Boulangerie5 Boro Pizza Challenge

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