Set Registration Caps for Your Events

When you set up events, programs, or other registration options on Flipcause, the capacity defaults to unlimited. If you need to cap your events to avoid overselling, you have a few options.

Registrations are divided into "groups" and each registration group is further divided into ticket options/prices/tiers - we call these "registration types." You can set caps at the group level if you want to cap your entire event, at the type level if you want to limit only certain ticket options or a combination of them.

Registration Group Max

"Group Max" allows you to set a cap on your entire event (registration group), regardless of how many different registration types (ticket options) are offered within it. This is useful for when you have an overall limit on your event, but you want to offer different options within the general event capacity without putting limits on quantities bought per type. 

For example, your venue capacity is 100. You offer adult, student, and child prices, but it doesn't matter how many of each are purchased, so you don't want to cap each price option - only the overall event. When the overall count reaches 100 in total, all ticket types will show as "ALL RESERVED" and no longer be available to additional registrations. 

For this, you'd set the Registration Group Max at 100 and set up each price tier (registration type) within that group as "unlimited."

How to set group level quantity limits:

  1. Go to Campaign > Edit this Campaign > Manage Settings for Event/Registration. 
  2. Add or edit an existing Registration Group.
  3. Toggle Registration Group Max to Set # and enter your maximum quantity.
  4. Scroll down and click Publish Registration Group to save your changes.

Registration Type Quantity Limits 

If you need to limit quantity per ticket tier or registration type itself, you will set a quantity limit at the type level. Using the example from above, if you have a venue that seats 100 people and want to offer student, child, and adult price tiers, and you need to limit the student tickets to only 25, you can set a limit to the number of tickets at that specific pricing level. 

*Note: You can use any combination of type and group level limits, and whichever limit is met first will override the rest. This allows you to have non-limited type options knowing you won't oversell the overall event, or allows you to limit only a single chunk of your offered options without imposing limits on the rest. (This is also helpful if you are offering early bird specials, and want early bird prices to sell out after reaching n amount of discount prices, after which only the more expensive tiers will still be available in larger or unlimited quantity until the overall event sells out).

How to set type level quantity limits: 

  1. Go to Campaign > Edit this Campaign > Manage Settings for Event/Registration.
  2. Add or edit an existing Registration Group.
  3. Scroll down to Registration Types and click on the one you'd like to set limits to.
  4. Scroll down to Quantity Available and set the toggle to Set # and enter your limit in the box.
  5. Click Publish Registration Group to save your changes.