Registration: Intro, Ideas, and Templates

The many ways to use the Flipcause Registration tool

The Registration tool on Flipcause has the following defining features to make it incredibly flexible:

  • Both free and paid registration, where you can set the Fair Market Value
  • Allows for both single day, range, and ongoing events or programs
  • The ability to set multiple price points or tiers, including early bird and programmed expiration
  • Promo codes
  • Collect custom information
  • Collect information for all ticket-holders
  • Waivers
  • Seating assignments and seating charts with self-selection or auto-assignment
  • Ability to set up multi-tier registrations (useful for concerts, multi-series events, or setting up centralized events listing where individual events auto-hide after their date has passed)
  • Ability to set up sponsorship options alongside tickets

There are many ways this tool is used, including for both single day and ongoing events. Here are the most common ones: