You can add relationships to any Contact Profile, and those relationships can be with people in your database or outside of it. This area will list their name, the relationship type, and any relationship notes you enter.

When you add a Relationship to someone who already exists in your Flipcause Activity Tracker, the Relationship will be added to both Contacts. They will be linked together, with a reciprocal Relationship type displayed on each.

For example, if you add an existing contact as the "Manager" of a contact, then the two profiles will link to each other from the Relationships section. One will be labeled as "Manager," and the other as "Direct Report." The same will be true for "Grandparent" and "Grandchild", "Parent" and "Child", "Employer" and "Employee", etc.

When you add a Relationship to someone who does not exist in your database, this person will not be created in your Flipcause Activity Tracker. The information will be displayed as a static reference in the Relationships section.

If you want to add a Relationship to someone who is not in the database and wants to add to the database, create a Contact Record for the first, then add the Relationship to an existing Contact Record.

And that's it!

Of course, if you have any questions, you can get support from our Success Team by sending us an email!