Release Notes September 2019


updates & improvements pushed

client suggestions built


client suggestions and feedback received, processed, and added to roadmap


bugs eliminated

New Features & Improvements

Security Upgrades
Additional measures to help protect your organization from fraud, including:

  • New security email alerts for important activities such as new bank accounts added and transfers initiated
  • New options to prevent unauthorized access to your account
  • New bank verification procedure

Custom Field Upgrades

  • You can now edit a custom field directly from the campaign (and this will update the field itself, including all other instances it is used)
  • You can now mark a custom field optional or required from the campaign, and only for that campaign (without affecting whether the field is required or optional in other instances)
  • In the Custom Fields area, you can now more easily see if that custom field is used in any campaign, and if so, which ones and whether on the global (transaction/order) level, or just on the activity level.

Quantity Stats Upgrade

You can now see the quantity reserved (sold), pending (actively in someone's car), and the remaining quantity available (what's left after subtracting both sold and pending from original inventory) on both the group level, and more granularly on the type level.