Change the Pop-Up Campaign a Flipcause Button Links To

To point a Flipcause standard button on your website to a new campaign, you can recreate the button in the Integration Center. You can also use a shortcut, which is to instruct the button to link to a different campaign. This will allow you to keep the exact button without trying to duplicate an identical one regarding look and feel.

Every campaign and campaign menu on Flipcause has its own Campaign ID (also called Campaign Code). So, all you'd need to do is to change the Campaign Code that the button is linking to. This will require replacing a piece of the HTML code for the button. Here's how:

STEP 1: Find the Campaign ID (Campaign Code)

Go to the Integration Center and choose the campaign or menu you'd like to link.

Select either the Floating Button or Standard Button that opens up a pop-up as the Integration Type.

Click Generate Code, and find the bottom right-hand corner of the popup, where you'll see the Campaign Code.

STEP 2:  Edit the code of the button currently on your website

Log into your website builder/editor, and navigate to edit the page or area where the button is published that you'd like to update.

If you use Weebly or similar, you just need to click into the HTML area where the button lives. In other environments, like the one shown, you'll need to switch from the visual editor to the HTML or source code editing mode.

Here is the code of the page, with the button code itself highlighted in blue. You can identify a Flipcause button for a popup - it will begin with <div style= and end with the text on the button (in this case "Register") followed by a </div>.

STEP 3:  Replace the Campaign Code with the new campaign

Within this block of code, you'll see the campaign code directly to the left of the label of the button. The code will always be between two asterisks, so all you need to do is to replace the code with the new code from Step 1. Be careful to not delete the asterisks or add any extra spaces between the code and the other characters.

Make sure to hit Update or Save and Publish the changes to your website!