Reporting Fraudulent Transactions

If you uncover a transaction that is fraudulent in your account, you can flag it as fraud right from your Flipcause Dashboard. Flagging a transaction as fraud will initiate an investigation with our compliance team who will look to reimburse the card holder (refund the transaction), and file a fraud report. Once the fraud investigation is initiated, the related funds will be deducted from your merchant account.

To flag a fraudulent transaction:

  • From the left-hand side of your Dashboard, click on Reports:
  • Next, click on Transaction & Activity Reporting:

  • The Report Type will automatically be set to All Transaction Records. Use the filters to define a range that includes the transaction you want to flag as fraudulent. When you're done, click Generate Report:  

  • Scroll down to the list and locate the fraudulent transaction. Note: if you don't see the transaction you're looking for, you may have to refine your filters! Click the Details button:

  • This will open a window with the transaction details. Click the Flag Fraud button at the top of the record:

  • Click the checkbox to report the transaction as fraud. You can also enter any relevant details in the text box below, but this step is optional. Then click Submit:

  • You will be asked to confirm your submission. Click Yes to send the report:

  • You will receive a confirmation that the transaction has been flagged as fraud: