Request Website Updates

Request Website Updates (existing Web Pack clients only)

If you're an existing Web Pack client, your Success Team can make updates to your Weebly website for you. 

By submitting a request from your dashboard, you can ask your Success Team to:

  • Create new pages and customize page layouts
  • Add content such as additional text, images, video or files
  • Integrate campaigns created through Flipcause

To Request Services: 

  • Log into your Flipcause Dashboard
  • Click the Request Services button on your homepage or sidebar: 
  • This will take you to the "Submit a Request" page. Click the option to Update your Weebly Website. From here you'll be able to create a new request and enter all the details:

  • Your name, email, and organization will automatically populate based on your account information. 
  • Enter a descriptive "Request Title" based on the changes you need. 
  • Next, go to your website and copy the URL (select the text and and use Ctrl+c) for the page that needs to be updated:

  • Then, paste the URL (Ctrl+p) into the "Page URL for Requested Update" section.
  • Next, enter a description for "What would you like updated on this page." The more details you can provide in your description, the better! Here is where you can add:
    • Copy for your site
    • Campaign links or Campaign IDs
    • Video embed links
    • Descriptions for new pages + layout updates
  • If needed, attach your image files in the "Attach Files" section.
  • Once everything is uploaded, hit the Submit Your Request button.

After you submit a request for website updates, you can view the status of your request within the Your Requests tab.