Request Website Updates

Request Website Updates (WebPack subscribers)

If you're subscribed to the Flipcause WebPack, your Success Team can make updates to your website for you!

By submitting a request from your dashboard, you can ask your Success Team to:

  • Create new pages and customize page layouts
  • Add content such as additional text, images, video or files
  • Integrate campaigns created through Flipcause

To Request Services: 

  • Log into your Flipcause Dashboard
  • Click the Request Services button on your homepage or sidebar:
  • This will take you to the "Submit a Request" page. Click the option to Update your Website. From here you'll be able to create a new request and enter all the details:
  • Your name, email, and organization will automatically populate based on your account information. 
  • Enter a descriptive "Request Title" based on the changes you need. 
  • Next, go to your website and copy the URL (select the text and and use Ctrl+c) for the page that needs to be updated:

  • Then, paste the URL (Ctrl+p) into the "Page URL for Requested Update" section.
  • Next, enter a description for "What would you like updated on this page." The more details you can provide in your description, the better! Here is where you can add:
    • Copy for your site
    • Campaign links or Campaign IDs
    • Video embed links
    • Descriptions for new pages + layout updates
  • If needed, attach your image files in the "Attach Files" section.
  • Once everything is uploaded, hit the Submit Your Request button.

After you submit a request for website updates, you can view the status of your request within the Your Requests tab.

Please keep in mind:

  • Your Flipcause Website Technician is expert at executing tasks, but we can't come up with words or design for your site - you know your story best!
  • When you make a request, we’ll get it done within 48 hours or we'll let you know if it takes longer.