Campaign Pre-Launch Checklist

Whether it's a new website or an email blast, it's always wise to review and test something new before officially releasing it to your supporters. Flipcause campaigns are no different. 

The first step to launching is testing and making sure everything looks and works as you intended!

By the time you are ready to launch your campaign, you have already decided whether you'll use the landing page version or the widget version

In the Campaign Editor for your campaign, click the View button of the version you plan to use to preview.

This will open up the fully-functional campaign for you to view. 

Go though each page and step you expect your supporters to go through, reviewing every step of the way to make sure the order of operations seems clear and easy to understand, all the correct settings are there, and nothing is missing.

Here's a handy checklist of what to look for to make sure is correct


FIRST PAGE: Intro and Options

SECOND PAGE: Information Collection

  • ▢ The basic information collection settings are correct, with the right fields set to optional/required
  • ▢ Your processing fee coverage options are set the way you want
  • ▢ Tribute donations option is on or off (Donation campaigns only)
  • Anonymous checkbox is on or off 
  • ▢ Now is a good time to check the menu on the right side to see if the following additional pages are as you want them to appear:
    • ▢ Activity Feed is on or off
    • ▢ Contact page is on or off
    • ▢ Updates page is on or off
    • ▢ Gallery page is on or off

THIRD PAGE: Additional Information (when applicable)

  • ▢ Additional information collection settings are correct: any custom questions you added are showing, with the right fields set to optional/required
  • ▢ You have any applicable waivers showing

REVIEW PAGE: Checkout area with summary

You can do a test transaction at this point if you set up a 100% promo code to see the full flow, and proceed to the Thank You Page:


  • ▢ Is the message displaying the way you want?
  • ▢ Is social media displaying the way you want?
  • ▢ Are the chain actions (if any) displaying the way you want?


If you made a test transaction, you can check your email for your receipt. (You can also test emails without making a transaction)
Here are some things to look for:

  • ▢ Is it showing the right email and name as the "sender" or "from" email address?
  • ▢ Does the subject make sense?
  • ▢ Does the greeting and thank you message appear as you expect?
  • ▢ Is the tax-deduction info and disclaimer information appear correctly in the receipt?
  • ▢ Is the contact information for your organization accurate for this campaign in the footer of the receipt?


  • ▢ The main about section for the campaign - is it showing where you want and is it formatted correctly?
  • ▢ Comment section and mailing list signup section (are they on or off?)
  • ▢ Footer: