Sales Tax

You can set up a number of campaign tools to automatically calculate and add Sales Tax to transactions at checkout. Sales Tax can be added to individual item types within the Donations, Registration, Sponsorship, and Online Store tools in your campaign.

To add Sales Tax:

  1. Navigate to Campaigns > Edit This Campaign (Choose a campaign) > Manage Settings (Choose a tool) > Advanced Settings link within the Individual Item Type.
  2. Click to open the Sales Tax Collection section.
  3. Click to toggle Would you like to collect sales taxes for this item type? to "Yes".
  4. Enter the tax amount for the item type as a %
    • Note: Sales Tax will be applied automatically to the item type price + related Shipping costs (minus discounts)
  5. Hit Save or Publish when done!

Here's what the Sales Tax Advanced Setting (% = 9.75) from above looks like in action: