Search Engine Indexing

Search engines use bots (spiders, crawlers) to scour the internet and index pages and rank them for showing in search results.

By default, all pages created, including Flipcause campaigns, are public and available to be crawled.

For any campaigns that you prefer to remain more private and prevent from coming up in search results, you can instruct the search bots to not index the pages within that campaign.

To turn on this setting and prevent search engines from indexing your campaign, go to Campaign Settings > Search Engine Index Settings, and set to "Yes".

Turning this on will apply this setting to all pages within a campaign (including any peer or team pages). This changes the instructions the search bots are given regarding whether or not to crawl your campaign and its pages. Please note that while most bots read and respect these instructions, it is not foolproof, and doesn't guarantee your pages can't or won't be found.