Payment Security Settings

Fraud is a major concern for nonprofit organizations, so if you have been hit with fraud attempts in the past, you may be looking to place certain restrictions on your donation pages as well as other areas where you accept credit card transactions.

If there are any specific countries you'd like to block (whether by user's location or their credit card issuing country, or both), you can add those additional precautions to your Flipcause account.

To add additional security filters, go to your Flipcause Dashboard > Settings (in the left-hand sidebar) > Payment Security Settings.

From here, you can click "Manage Card Permissions" or "Manage IP Permissions" to choose which countries (or continents) to block from using your donation and other payment forms. (No countries are blocked by default)

Once in a while, for more advanced attacks, you may also need an additional layer of security. You can enable the Country - Match requirement to block any transactions where the issuing country of the card doesn't match the user's geolocation. Because this could likely block legitimate payments from your donors, we recommend using this as a short-term block only when needed. 

Once you set these up, if a transaction matches your block criteria is attempted, the system will tell them that the payment has failed and they should contact your organization to complete the payment.