Security Updates 2019

As your trusted payment processor and merchant account, we take your account security seriously. We are continually making updates to ensure your account's security, mostly in the background and unnoticeable to you. In the most recent round of updates, you'll notice the following changes: 

New Email Notifications

You will begin receiving new security email notifications to keep you alerted to all important activity happening in your accountThis will allow your organization to proactively take the necessary steps if you notice any suspicious or unwanted activity within your account.

The super-admin of the account will receive notifications when 

All users will receive an email notification when: 

  • Account information is changed (such as email, phone number, and password) 
  • 2-factor authentication is changed 

The super-admin and affected sub-admins will receive notifications when: 

  • A new admin is added 
  • An admin is deleted 
  • A bank account is added or removed 
  • A bank transfer is initiated 

Updated Login Restrictions

You can restrict sub-admin account access depending on the location they are accessing from. This is useful if you want your account to be accessed only from the office or on a private network IP and dedicated VPN. You now have more flexibility and control over these settings. Choose between: 

  • Standard Security: allow login access from all countries, states, or IP addresses and receive email notifications when they are outside of your country, state, & IP whitelists 
  • High Security: block all logins outside of your country, state, & IP whitelists

Read here for how to update these settings. 

New Bank Verification Procedure  

For the protection of the funds in your account, we want to prevent bank accounts not related to your organization being set up to transfer your funds out of your Flipcause account. This is why we're adding new image verification for bank accounts, to ensure the bank accounts added to transfer money out of your Flipcause account do belong to your organization. Read here for details and instructions regarding this new process. This new step will be required before transfers can be requested for newly added bank accounts. 

As always, your organization continues to enjoy the protection of our proprietary Automatic-Fraud Threat Analyzer (AFTA). We are continually improving AFTA to keep up with new threats to protect your organization's funds. Read here for a full list of security measures included with your Flipcause Account.