Send a Message to a Supporter

You can quickly send a message to a supporter via the Flipcause Dashboard. There are 2 ways to send a message to your supporters depending on if you are using our CRM or not. 

Send a Message to a supporter without CRM: 

  • Go to Reports then use the search bar to search by name, email or ID.
  • Find your transaction in the Transactions section of the report. 
  • Click on Details to the right of the transaction. Select Send Message at the top of the View Transaction Details window. Enter the email address (if different), subject, and the message you want to send your supporter. Then click Send Message!
  • Note: Messages sent from the Transaction Details overlay will log as a Note in the Transaction Details and nowhere else.

Send a Message to a supporter through a Contact Profile 

  • Go to Contacts and search the supporter you would like to send a message to then click View Profile.
  • From the Contact Record click the option Send Message.
  • An overlay will pop up where you can select an Email Address and add a Subject Line and message body. Click Send Message when you are done.
  • The message sent will be logged in the Communication Notes section in the Contact's profile.