Send Out Year-End Tax Receipts

Looking for a quick way to send out everyone's year-end tax letters? 

First, be sure to customize the thank you message at the top of the receipt. Let your supporters know how impactful their contributions have been!

You can use your Contact Report to export a CSV of everyone's Annual Summaries, which include their year-end tax receipts on the first page, and use this report to email everyone their reports. Here's how:

Step 1: Get the report from Flipcause

  1. Go to Reports > Activity Tracker Reporting (Activity Tracker > Contact Reporting will also take you there).
  2. Since we'll be emailing these out, keep Choose Report Type to "Contact Records" (Group Records is best for direct mailers). 
  3. Optional: Restrict based on other filters, such as Business or Individual records, tags, or contribution amounts.
  4. Click Add filter: Filter = Years Contributed, Parameter = Contains, Values = [Year]. This will include all donors for that year.
  5. Click Generate Report.

Step 2: Create a Custom Report

  1. Click Custom Report.
  2. You can select the fields for your report. For purpose of sending this e-blast, only 3 are required: "Email", "First Name" (or whichever variation of their name you prefer to address your donors by), and "[Year] Annual Summary PDF." 
  3. Select "Send me the report via email (CSV format)" and click Get Report. Check your email. Your report should arrive in a few minutes. Click the link in your email to download the report.

Step 3: Prepare & send email merge

  1. The next steps vary depending on what email program you use. For most, like Mailchimp, you'll want to import your list. During importing, make sure you get all the fields and pick titles for them in your email program, so it is able to merge them for you. 
  2. If you don't have an email program, you can draft this email in your Google email and use Yet Another Mail Merge (which will pull the merge fields directly from your Google Sheets!)
  3. Write an email draft to thank your donors
  4. Insert the merge tags that will pull from your spreadsheet fields. Depending on what email program you use, the merge tags will be different. Here's more info on how to do this with Mailchimp. Don't forget to include a merge tag for the column/field that contains the link to the PDF report!
    In its simplest format, your email draft should look something like this:
    Hi [First Name],
    Thank you for your contributions this year. Enclosed is your year-end tax receipt which you can download here: [2019 Annual Summary PDF] 
  5. Now that you have your email template with merge tags, your list of names, and annual reports, you are ready to schedule your email to send to everyone!

TIP: Your annual summaries will automatically include all activities that took place on Flipcause. To ensure that your year-end tax receipts and statements provide the complete picture for your contact, you'll want to be sure to log the rest of their offline, cash, and check contributions to Flipcause and attribute them to this contact. 

You can do this using the Manual Payments section or directly from the Contact Profile by clicking the Add Payment button (right next to Annual Summary).

You can view and email a year-end tax receipt individually from the Contact Profile.