Setting the Recurring Donor End Date

If a supporter wants to end their recurring payments on a specific date, you can set it up by going to your Flipcause dashboard > Campaigns > Edit This Campaign > Manage Settings.

Choose the recurring donation/payments setting that you want to edit and click on Show Advanced Donation Settings (it should indicate if it’s One-Time, Monthly, or Quarterly). From here, you can set the start date as well as the end date. You can also set the recurring donation to end after a set number of payments.

After choosing the setting for the end date, you can also either set the number of payments or allow your supporters to set it themselves. This would then display on the actual campaign page.

Make sure that you check and update the Start Date as well as the End Date of Recurring Donation frequencies. If these are set to the past, they will not show up on the landing page, widget, and manual campaign transactions. You can find them by going to CampaignsEdit This Campaign (choose a campaign) > Tool SettingsManage Settings (Donation/Payment) > [Frequency] Recurring Donations/PaymentsAdvanced [FrequencyDonation Settings.

Please note that you can still edit these settings even if your campaign is already published.