Soft Credits

What is a Soft Credit?

Soft Credits allow you to attribute credit for a contribution to an additional person without creating a duplicate record in your accounting. For example, if Tom Brady makes a $100 donation, then that $100 donation is naturally attributed to him. However, because you know that Tom Brady made this donation on behalf of his wife, Gisele Bündchen, you might want to give an "In Honor of" credit to her, without changing the donor's name for that transaction and without creating a duplicate financial transaction when only one donation was actually received. This is what a soft credit allows you to do. 

(Anyone you're adding a Soft Credit for also needs to be a contact in your database before adding the credit.)

You can apply soft credits for any Flipcause Activity: payments/donations, registrations, sponsorship orders, item orders, and volunteers.

You can use Flipcause's soft crediting to credit parts of an activity to multiple people or the entire amount of the activity.

Soft Credit Types: 

  • Solicited
  • In Memory of
  • In Honor of
  • Peer Page
  • Gift
  • Recruited
  • Other

How to add a Soft Credit

  1. To add a Soft Credit on Flipcause, navigate to the contributor's Contact Profile and scroll down to Activity Activity History.
  2. Find the Activity Record, and click the magnifying glass icon to open the details overlay. 
  3. Click the “Add Soft Credit” button to display the edit section, then select the Soft Credit type, amount, and notes. (This can also be done from Reports > Transaction & Activity)
  4. Search your Contact Records to find the Contact that you’d like to assign the soft credit to.

The Credit will then appear on both the Contact’s profiles, but the amount will only be counted once in your totals.

Adding a Soft Credit to a user will not count toward that user's contribution totals at the top in their At a Glance Stats.