Sponsorship Overview

The Sponsorship Tool allows you to:

  • Set perks based on predefined giving levels 
  • Set Tax Deductible level 
  • Add the ability for sponsors to add additional donations
  • Combine with any other tool in Flipcause

To create a Sponsorship campaign:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Create New Campaign > Sponsorship.
  2. Enter a "Campaign Title" and "About" (don't worry, you can go back and edit these). 
  3. Within Tool Settings click Manage Settings under Sponsorship.
  4. Click Add Sponsorship.
  5. Here you can add a "Title" and "Photo" for your Sponsorship level.
    • Optional Settings (toggle buttons to "Show")
      • Sponsorship Group Max
      • Sponsorship Description
  6. Enter information on Sponsorship Types; you must list at least one.
    • Sponsorship Type Name
    • Sponsorship Type Description 
      • Note: Due to display issues that occurred on campaign pages when various fonts were used, the font style options for the sponsorship description have been removed. This change has been made to make sure that all campaign group pages are streamlined.
    • Sponsorship Type Price 
    • Quantity of Sponsorship Type 
    • Tax Deductible status 
    • Market Value
    • Quantity Display Options (show supports how many have been reserved, how many remain, or nothing) 
    • Estimated Delivery Date
  7. Lastly, there are Optional Advanced Sponsorship Type Settings; click to show more settings. Here you can:
    • Add Sales Tax Collection
    • Add Shipping Cost
    • Add Custom Fields or Waivers
  8. When you are finished, click Publish Sponsorship at the bottom.


Under Sponsorship Types, you can add a wide range of sponsorship types. Please note that one type is always required when creating a sponsorship campaign.

When you click Open, you'll see its details. You can also edit its Sponsorship Type title, add a description to differentiate its type, and set your sponsorship type's limit.

There are also Quantity Display Options where you can show how much is available or choose not to. If there are shipping or delivery options, you can indicate more information about them by toggling the Estimated Delivery Date switch.

In addition, you can set a price on that sponsorship level and dictate how much of it is tax-deductible. You can do that either by percentage or by setting a fair market value.

We offer an option to turn off the price because there are instances where the Sponsorship tool is being used as a workaround to do something else, and you want to allow people to sign up but not have it be a paid option. If at any point your campaign is live as well as the sponsorship option but you want to hide a specific option from the public without deleting it, click Hide this Sponsorship from public to hide it.


If you want to offer people the option to donate without committing to a sponsorship level, you can turn on Donate With No Sponsorship. You can also allow your supporters to quickly add an additional donation to an existing sponsorship level by toggling the Additional Donation switch to Yes.

Under the Name Call-to-Action Button section, you can rename the CTA button that appears in this tool into whatever you like. Similarly, you can rename the descriptor of this action by editing the Name Sponsorship Descriptor.

We have some default images that we use for these tools on Flipcause, and they appear in the cards for these activities or the expanded call-to-action button. If you prefer to use your own image, you can upload it on the Sponsorship Tool Images.

Lastly, you can configure the Thank-You page and add images and formatted texts into the body. If you want to track any sort of analytics code, you can add it to the Analytics Code field. This will have social media buttons if your supporters want to share it on their social media, but you can turn it off by toggling Social Media Sharing off.

We hope this helps! Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact your Success Team!