Sponsorship Overview

The Sponsorship Tool allows you to: 

  • Set perks based on predefined giving levels 
  • Set Tax Deductible level 
  • Add the ability for sponsors to add additional donations
  • Combine with any other tool in Flipcause

How to create a Sponsorship campaign: 

  • Go to Campaigns > Create New Campaign > Sponsorship
  • Enter a Campaign Title and About (don't worry you can go back and edit these) 
  • Within Tool Settings click Manage Settings under Sponsorship 
  • Within Sponsorship Settings click Add Sponsorship

  • Here you can add a Title and Photo for your Sponsorship level

  • Optional Settings (toggle buttons to Show )
    • Sponsorship Group Max
    • Sponsorship Description

  • Sponsorship Type Name
  • Sponsorship Type Description 
  • Sponsorship Type Price 
  • Quantity of Sponsorship Type 
  • Tax Deductible status 
  • Market Value 
  • Quantity Display Options (show supports how many have been reserved, how many remain, or nothing) 

  • Estimated Delivery Date

Lastly, there are Optional Advanced Sponsorship Type Settings (click to show more settings. Here you can: 

  • Add Sales Tax Collection

  • Add Shipping Cost

  • Add Custom Fields or Waivers

When you are finished, click Publish Sponsorship at the bottom.