Creating a Successful Peer to Peer Campaign through Storytelling

The key to creating a successful development program is effectively sharing your story, which inspires your audience, in turn compelling them to contribute to your cause.

Having the right software (such as for mailing list and fundraising) is only one part of the puzzle, but it requires a solid engagement and development strategy for it to be of use.

One of our favorite resources for guidance on developing your story is Episode 11 of Nonprofit Ally.

Nonprofit Marketing Guide is another great resource for gearing up fundraising.

One way to maximize your contributions is by using starting a Peer-to-Peer Campaign. Peer-to-Peer allows your organization's supporters to engage their own networks to raise funds for your organization. This means individuals can create personal fundraising pages for your cause’s behalf. This can feed revenue back to your organization as a whole, or to a specific campaign you’re running. Either way, the individual shares his or her page with friends, family, and community members for donations (hence “peer-to-peer”)P2P has been found to be 300x more effective than a regular campaign which is promoted by the receiving organization alone.

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