Sub-Admin Security Settings

To access and configure security settings and requirements for your sub-admins, go to Flipcause Dashboard > Manage Admins > Security & Notifications

Notifications

Get email notifications any time there is a suspicious sign-in attempt to your Flipcause Account: 

  • Sign-in attempt to a suspended account
  • Sign-in attempt from a different country or state than that which your organization is in
  • Sign-in attempt from a blocked IP address
  • Sign-in attempt with incorrect password used

To set these up, check the boxes you'd like to get notifications for, and enter the email address(es) that should receive these notifications. 

Don't forget to click Save to save your changes.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

You can require two-factor authentication to be on for all sub-admins, which we definitely recommend. This will prevent their accounts from being accessed by people who are not actually them, in case that their username and passwords get into the wrong hands.

  • You have the option to require using either SMS or Google Authenticator verification, or allow them to choose their own
  • You can require this immediately, or schedule the requirement to be turned on for a future date. Setting it for the future will give you a chance to communicate to your admins this new change ahead of time.

Don't forget to click Save to save any changes!

Login Restrictions

You can restrict sub-admin account access depending on the location they are accessing. This is useful if you want your account to only be accessed in the office, or on a private network IP and dedicated VPN. You have the following options for location-based login restrictions:

  • Block access from countries outside of where your organization is registered
  • Block access from states except the one your organization is registered
  • Block access from all locations except specific approved IP address(es)

Don't forget to click Save after making any changes!