Detailed Summary of Terms Update November 2019

Full summary of changes and additions to Terms of Service

  • Section 2 - Summary of Service
    • Addition of Terms (2.11): Fiscal Sponsors and their projects. This section primarily governs the management of Project Sub Accounts by Project Sponsors.
  • Section 8 - Flipcause Payment Gateway
    • Clarification of language (8.1): Clarity of language around payment satisfaction between Supporters and Account Holders when payments are made through Flipcause.
    • Change of Limit (8.8): Maximum Charge amount changed from $999,999 to $50,000 plus applicable fees.
  • Section 12 - Interaction with Campaigns and Fundraising
    • Addition of Terms (12.18): Clarification of relationship of Flipcause and Account Holders, specifically acknowledged by Supporters.
  • Section 16 - Refunds
    • Clarification of language (16.3): Clarifying that Supporters can reach out directly to Flipcause to inquire about a charge and initiate a refund.

Creation of new Terms: "Supporter Terms"

  • Supporter Terms linked to from all public facing payment pages (ie. landing page, widget, app, etc.). Previously linked to main Terms of Use.
  • The new Supporter Terms can be found at
  • The new Supporter Terms do not contain terms not already included in the standard Terms of Use. The Supporter Terms was created to streamline all relevant terms specifically for the Supporter's use of the Flipcause service to enhance user experience and convenience.

Cookie Policy

  • Corrected Typo in linked URL.