Flipcause Text-to-Give makes it easy for your supporters to donate or take action on the go from their smartphones.

What Is Text-to-Give?

Text-to-Give is a fundraising method that allows people to contribute to your fundraiser directly from their smartphones, and it's easy to set up!

With Text-to-Give, you can give donation instructions verbally to your audience so they can contribute at live events (or any time your supporters are not in front of their computers).

Instead of asking supporters to go to your website or type a long web address, you can ask them to text a keyword of your choice to a phone number. Supporters text a specific keyword to a phone number, and your pre-determined text message is sent to them as a response. This message contains instructions and a link to your campaign, where they can click to donate or take action directly from the text message.

Not only is Flipcause Text-to-Give a great way to connect your supporters with donating to your cause, but you can also lead them directly to any action you want them to take on your fundraisers, such as signing up to volunteer, creating their own fundraising page on your behalf, or sponsoring your event!

Text-to-Give Applications

  • Mobile-first fundraising—meet your donors where they are and reduce friction to support your organization, whether it’s donating, volunteering, signing up to fundraise, or buying merch.

  • Remove bottlenecks and friction from your events and increase your event revenue.

  • Cut down on staff at your next event: take a load off of event planning, and save on costs.

Read on to learn how Text-to-Give works, and how to set it up on Flipcause!

How Text-to-Give Works

1. Create a keyword(s) that relates to either your campaign or a URL (for example, "Give2020").

2. If you are linking to a campaign, you have the option to link supporters to a specific action within your campaign and take them directly there.

3. Type in your keyword to your Flipcause Text-to-Give phone number of your choosing (for users based in the US).

4. Supporters then receive a text reply with your custom message linking to wherever you set it to link to. They can click through to complete a donation, sign up to volunteer, etc.

Set Up Text-to-Give on Flipcause

1. Go to Campaigns > SMS Settings.

2. Choose a phone number by clicking Choose Your Phone Number > enter 3 numbers as an Area Code and click Search > select a phone number from the list > click Confirm Phone Number.

Note: Once you select a phone number, it cannot be changed from the dashboard. If you need to change the phone number, reach out to your Success Team.

3. Add a keyword by clicking Add Keyword +.

  • In the "Keyword" box, type your keyword. The character limit is 20 (no spaces allowed but hyphens are allowed). You can add up to 5 keywords.
  • In the "Link to a Campaign or URL" dropdown, select whether to link the keyword to a "Campaign" or "URL" link.
    • 3a) If you select "URL", an "Enter URL" box appears.
      • Enter the campaign URL of the page you want supporters to land on.
    • 3b) If you select "Campaign", "Select Campaign" and "Select Tool" options will appear.
      •  In the "Select Tool" dropdown, you can pick the specific Campaign Tool the supporters will land on within your campaign. If you don't select a tool it will default to the campaign home page. For instance, if you select “Donation”, it will take the supporter directly to the donation page, bypassing the homepage.
  • You can customize the message that is sent along with the link (200 character limit). 
  •  Click Save Keyword.

Note: you can come back and edit your custom message, campaign, or link at any time by clicking the pencil icon and edits will be applied to new texts. Keywords are not editable—if you wish to change a keyword, delete it, and create a new one. 

4. You can keep track of the number of supporters who have used your keyword under the column “Use”.