Customizing the Thank You Page

The Thank You Page is the confirmation page for the transaction, and we recommend you add a custom message here to personalize the thank-you to your supporters.

Depending on whether you are using your campaign in regular or "Cart On" mode, this page will be customized in different areas. By default, campaigns have Cart set to off.

  • When Cart is off, the Thank You Page is customized per tool. For donation-only campaigns, it is in Tool Settings > Donation Settings. If your campaign has more than one tool, be sure to customize your Thank You Page per tool. For example, if our donation campaign also has Peer-to-Peer in it, we'll need to go to Tool Settings > Peer-to-Peer Settings
  • When Cart is on, the Thank You Page is customized in Campaigns > Edit This Campaign (choose a campaign) > Order Settings > Cart Settings when you toggle the Cart to "On".

In all cases, scroll down until you see Thank You Page Options:

Enter the custom Title and Message you'd like to show up on the confirmation page, feel free to add images, and keep Social Media Sharing toggled to Yes to allow supporters to share the campaign on Facebook or Twitter. (Configure the message that shows up for sharing here).

Don't forget to click Save to publish your changes.